About Us

Mission Statement

The Federation of Responsible Citizens (FRC) was founded with the goal of educating, energizing and mobilizing politically engaged senior citizens about the legislation that directly impacts their lives. Fortunately, our democracy gives us input into the law-making process of this land and empowers the seniors who comprise our membership. We don't just believe, we know that the input from an engaged constituent makes all the difference in the world when a Member of Congress is deciding how to vote. Time and again, we have spoken with congressional aides who have told us that their boss wanted to know how many constituents weighed in on an issue before they voted.

The FRC has seen our members' letters, petitions, postcards, surveys, and polls make a key difference in the legislative outcome. Our continued dissemination of information regarding proposed legislation and current affairs is crucial to our members feeling engaged in the process. With so many issues at stake (foreign policy, terrorism, tax policy, social security, Medicare, insurance reform and prescription drugs) it has never been more critical for the public and senior citizens, in particular, to voice their concerns about the issues that affect them personally, but also significantly impact future generations.

FRC projects reflect the priorities of our members. In 2012, we conducted over 500,000 national surveys on issues like Social Security and Medicare reform so that our letter writing and postcard campaigns would advance the policy goals of our supporters. We forwarded nearly 40,000 letters to Speaker of the House Boehner alone, urging him to use his leadership position to protect the programs FRC supporters depend on while implementing reforms to preserve them for years to come. Through our postcards and petition drives in 2012, over 10 million Americans citizens were informed about pending legislation that would impact their pocketbooks. We also sent over 2.5 million surveys, postcards, letters from our supporters to Members of Congress, the White House and federal agencies.

We are grateful for the engagement and commitment of our members in the fight to preserve our freedoms and the Constitution for future generations.