About Us

Mission Statement

The Federation of Responsible Citizens is committed to its mission of educating, energizing and mobilizing politically engaged senior citizens in regard to legislation that directly impacts their lives. Our democratic system provides us with input into the law-making process of this land and the views of our seniors must be heard. Cynics wonder if expressing concern over issues really makes a difference. FRC believes that letters, petitions, postcards, surveys, and polls make a difference. We believe the continued dissemination of information regarding proposed legislation and current affairs has a significant impact on the end result. With so many issues at stake (foreign policy, terrorism, social security, Medicare, insurance reform and prescription drugs) it has never been more critical for the general public and senior citizens, in particular, to express their concerns about the issues that not only affect them personally, but significantly impact future generations. That is why the voices and opinions of FRC supporters are so critical in our democratic system.


The Organization's purpose is to educate and mobilize the general public. We educate and encourage the participation in the legislative proves. Through opinion polls, questionnaires and surveys we are able to address issues of most importance. With the use of legislative updates, petitions, cards, letter writing, etc. we are able to facilitate the influence of all U.S. citizens on issues that impact their daily lives. Issues which we continue to educate on include but are not limited to: health care, Medicare, estate taxes, Social security, balance budget, homeland security, etc. The Organization also serves to assist those contacting their elected officials, state and federal agencies. Due to the nature of the U.S. Congress and Federal Government our programs are ongoing from year to year.