Program Service Accomplishments of FRC 2018

Federation of Responsible Citizens is a nonpartisan grassroots citizens' organization comprised of special project working groups which include but are not limited to the following. The special projects have independent agendas focused on different educational and legislative and issues. Their supporters advance these agendas on separate tracks. These special project working groups consist of:

  1. American Federation of Senior Citizens (AFSC) concentrates on 2 major policy areas and related legislation impacting seniors: Social Security and Medicare. As these two programs impact the lives of seniors directly, AFSC strives to track all related legislative and administrative action, alert supporters to all proposed changes and mobilize those supporters to action.
  2. National Council (NC) is primarily focused on limiting taxes, spending, the expansion of government at home and abroad in the context of empowering un-elected bureaucrats. NC's guiding principle is that government power should be restrained at all levels and that international entities should not be empowered whenever possible.
  3. National Senior Action Council (NSAC) is the action arm for implementation of grassroots action strategies designed to protect healthcare programs related to Medicare, Social Security and the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. These action strategies include petitions, phone calls and letters from seniors directed to Members of Congress.
  4. Political Headquarters (PH) monitors the respective agendas of the major political parties in the areas of national security, defense, military programs and homeland security operations. By comparing the respective agendas on programs vital to our security as a nation, PH is able to educate supporters about issues that impact the core of our national fiber.
  5. National Campaign to Guarantee Social Security (NCGSS) targets any legislative effort to change the structure of the Social Security program in the budget process, making it more vulnerable to cuts. NCGSS further opposes linking economic variables (ex. COLA, inflation rates) to Social Security outlays as a means of cutting benefits. Through petitions and advocacy mail, we ensure that our members' concerns about changing the structure of Social Security are relayed to Congressional leadership.

The number of surveys, postcards, letters and petitions delivered to members of congress, the White House and Federal Agencies totaled over 600,000 on a variety of subjects. Projects and goals continue to be accomplished by nation-wide surveys, postcards and petition drives and as a result through the year over 2 million American Citizens were educated and better informed about issues that impact their daily lives and the future of the U.S. A sampling of projects includes but is not limited to the following: