Veterans Admin. Dysfunction is a Preview of Obamacare

January 4, 2014
Washington Free Beacon

The government's botched handling of veteran's health care is an unwelcome preview of what to expect from Obamacare, Capt. Pete Hegseth of "Concerned Veterans for America" told Fox News Friday.

Pouring money into, just as the government did with Veterans Affairs, trying to bring it up to speed, has offered similarly poor results.

"When the government does technology, it does it poorly," Hegseth said. "Nowhere near what the private sector can do. You also can't choose your doctor. In VA, it's single payer. It's not the exact same as Obamacare. VA is single-payer, no choice. Well we've seen plenty of people who thought they could keep their insurance or keep their doctor under Obamacare not be able to do that. A lot of the same attributes."

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