Amnesty and Your Social Security

December 10, 2014

For many years, the Federation of Responsible Citizens has stood firm against any proposed changes to Social Security. When Members of Congress have proposed any changes, whether it was in the form of a cost of living adjustment, reduced coverage under Medicare or increasing the retirement age, we have fought back. Our members and supporters have signed millions of postcards, petitions and letters that we have delivered to leaders of both parties on Capitol Hill.

We have been largely successful to date, but are now faced with our greatest challenge to date: President Barack Obama's Executive Amnesty for illegal immigrants. Adding millions of people to a weak system will be a crippling blow, and one that will ultimately reduce the Social Security and Medicare benefits our members depend on.

Economists estimate that granting amnesty to 4 million illegal immigrants could cost 2 trillion dollars, with one trillion paying for increased outlays for Social Security and Medicare. This is not just unsustainable, it is unconscionable.

The FRC has stayed out of the immigration debate until now. However, after careful consideration, we must join the fight because the risk to older Americans is too high. We cannot allow funds allocated towards Social Security and Medicare benefits to be used by illegal immigrants.

In the weeks and months ahead, we will deliver petitions to Congress to let them know that their most vulnerable constituents are watching their actions and are counting on them to fight back against President Barack Obama's Executive Amnesty order.

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