Chained COLA: A Social Security Cut

December 10, 2014

The American Federation of Senior Citizens has spent years fighting any and all proposed changes that could cut the Social Security benefits our members depend on. Whenever Members of Congress begin discussing Social Security reform proposals, the AFSC makes sure they understand that our members need their Social Security benefits and that any cuts or reductions in benefits are absolutely unacceptable, period.

To date, our efforts have been successful. We have delivered hundreds of boxes filled with petitions from our members to Congressional leaders. They know their constituents are watching and it helps stop dangerous legislation from being enacted.

When the new Congress convenes in January of 2015, they will further debate "chained COLAs" or freezing the cost of living adjustments by changing the factor of inflation in the way COLAs are calculated. This means there will be cuts in funding to Social Security, and those funds would be allocated to other government programs. We know that AFSC members need every dime they receive from Social Security, so facing frozen or diminished benefits is completely unacceptable.

The AFSC is already preparing to fight against what is ultimately a cut in Social Security benefits, regardless of the convoluted way in which Congress tries to package it.

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